The island of eternal summer
The must-see municipalities

Martinique is undoubtedly the closest to the image one has of a paradisiacal tropical island. It has everything—white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, a year-long summer, coconut trees—the postcard is perfect. However, Madinina cannot be reduced to just this image. The north of the island will surprise you with its breathtaking lush nature. The central part, with its capital Fort-de-France, will intoxicate you with its lively evenings. Finally, the south will fulfill you with the variety of its beaches, each one more paradisiacal than the other.

Mount Pelee

In the north of Martinique, Mount Pelée proudly stands. Both a blessing for nature and a potential danger for mankind, the famous volcano remains an unavoidable symbol of the island.

The road to the North traces of excursion

The Trace Road in Martinique: On the Trail of the Jesuits Created by the Jesuits in the 18th century to facilitate travel around the mountains of Carbet, the Trace Road is located in the northern part of Martinique. Stretching 30 kilometers, it now connects the cities of Fort-de-France and Ajoupa-Bo...

The garden of Balata

Return to the source with the Balata Garden Martinique is certainly a promise of the most beautiful sandy beaches and an unobstructed view of the Ocean or the Caribbean Sea. But it is also a guarantee to discover a lush and tropical vegetation. Rare plant species, all more beautiful than the others,...

Heritage and culture

Martinique charms its visitors not only with its natural beauty but also with its cultural and heritage richness. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a music lover, or a foodie, Martinique offers an enriching experience that resonates with its motto: "The country where life is good." A trip to Mart...


The island of Martinique offers an attractive mix of natural beauty, from its charming beaches to its lovely rivers; a rich and interesting culture, as well as fascinating history and folklore. It's a pleasure to come to the country to discover all that the island has to offer. Today, the Airlocal team suggests a few points of interest that you might consider visiting if you decide to come to Martinique.

Monuments and Historical Sites to Visit

Fort Saint-Louis

Located in Fort-de-F…

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