The Pitons du Carbet, a rare and magnificent panorama of Martinique

The Pitons du Carbet, these are 5 almost inaccessible peaks of the island of Martinique, which offer adventurous and experienced hikers a unique view of Mount Pelé and the bay of Fort-de-France.

Pitons du Carbet: Preserved Mountains

Located in the north of Martinique, the Lacroix Peaks (also known as Morne Pavillon), Alma, Dumauzé, Boucher and Morne Piquet make up the Pitons du Carbet. Reaching heights of more than 1,100 meters, these volcanic mountains are the oldest on the island of Martinique. They stretch from the north of the island to the south of the town of Carbet, offering breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and Martinique.

The peaks of Carbet are steep. A typical lush vegetation of the jungle awaits you there. From 800 meters, it gives way to a clearer view. To see this Martinican landscape, you will need good physical condition, an adventurous spirit and a good guide!

Discover the Pitons du Carbet with Canyoning

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush in the Martinique wilderness, the Pitons du Carbet is the ideal place to discover canyoning. Accompanied by a professional, you will be able to try this activity that combines sliding and climbing, in the Absalon canyon and in the Alma canyon.

Go on a hike to the Pitons du Carbet

Like all mountain ranges, the Pitons du Carbet can also be visited on foot. But the view from the peaks is well worth it! The hike is very long: it’s at least 6 hours of walking ahead of you. The route is extremely steep, often slippery, and vegetation regularly covers it.

The lack of clear marking finally reserves this hike for experienced hikers, ideally accompanied by a guide.

The Pitons du Carbet are preserved spaces, and sometimes difficult to access. But to set out to conquer them is a guarantee of a breathtaking view of Martinique!