The Island of Eternal Summer

Not to be missed

Saint-Marie in Video

Saint-Marie has the wildest beaches of Martinique, as beautiful as they are tumultuous. The wind has sculpted the coasts of the North of the island, which are made of steep cliffs, plunging into the tumultuous waters of the Atlantic.

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Discovering Martinique

Martinique is probably the closest image to what one would imagine a tropical paradise island to be.

Everything is there, white sand beaches, turquoise waters, summer that lasts all year, coconut trees, the postcard is perfect. But Madinina cannot be reduced to this cliché image. The north of the island will surprise you with its lush, breathtaking nature. The center, with its capital Fort de France, will intoxicate you with its wild evenings. Finally, the south will delight you with the variety of its beaches, each more paradisiacal than the other.

History of Martinique

The island of flowers, contrary to what its natural beauty might suggest, has been the scene of a history both tragic and eventful.

The underwater world

Martinique is also beautiful for its seabed, exceptional aquatic landscapes, made of corals, and multicolored exotic fish. Underwater wonders that make the happiness of divers.

The fauna & flora

Martinique is an exceptional island in terms of its biodiversity. Its fauna and flora are among the most diversified in the world, with many endemic species.

Eat Local

Martinique has a very rich soil. One thinks of course of the fruits, whose exotic flavors symbolize the island of flowers. But Martinique is also rich of a great variety of vegetables which give this unique character to the Creole gastronomy.

Practical information
The traditions

Martinique is above all an authentic land, sustained by living traditions, and an enriching culture. Discover Martinique in terms of its country.