[FESTIVITIES]: All Saints’ Day vs Halloween in Martinique.

10 November 2022
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A few days ago, a very special celebration took place in Martinique and around the world: Halloween night !

This festival, originating from the United States, crossed the borders of Europe in the 80s with globalization and inevitably was exported internationally, to France and the Caribbean. To a lesser extent, it’s true, but still with a certain success, especially among young people.

But what exactly is Halloween about ? 

The tradition of Halloween

Traditionally, it takes place on October 31st.  For the occasion, all kinds of candies, pumpkins carved into monstrous faces, skeleton figurines, and other horrific figures are the kings of the moment.

In the United States, children gather for a marathon !  Under the supervision of their parents, their goal is to collect as many candies as possible throughout the night, which they will have received by going door-to-door in their town or neighborhood.


Why does Halloween meet with such success ?

The most obvious answer is the tradition of wearing diverse and varied costumes that tend to be reminiscent of Carnival.  Witch, ghost, vampire – it’s the time to give free rein to your desires and imagination for one night.

It’s a real joy for creative people !

Everyone has their preferences and can transform themselves into a character from their favorite movie, a historical figure, or even an animal. Anything is possible !


The horror atmosphere also has a small role to play.  Horror movies have been popular for a very long time and Halloween is a continuation of that trend. 

Killer clown with  It, imaginary serial killer with Michael Myers (from the Halloweensaga) or Freddy Krueger (from A Nightmare on Elm Street), famous personalities, supernatural creatures like witches, ghosts, zombies, and werewolves…  Many iconic films have marked this holiday and inspired many more or less conventional costumes. What makes this holiday strong is the freedom of choice in costumes, creativity is key !

Crédit photo : Allo Ciné

Just like during the Christmas season, multiple Halloween songs have become well-known and associated with this time of year ! This is notably the case with the iconic Michael Jackson and his famous hit Thriller (I’m sure you want to listen to it now!  You’re welcome ! ), du Ghostbusters and Ray Parker Jr.  


This also relates to the idea of letting go… No judgment in costumes, joy through music, and good vibes !

And what about Martinique in all of this ?

As mentioned earlier, Halloween and Carnival are very closely  related, which may explain the growing success of themed parties.

However, the end of October  also marks a great religious importance : it is All Saints’ Day. Every year, families rush to the cemetery to decorate graves with flowers, pay their respects, honor, and remember the deceased.

Crédit photo : France Antilles

This tradition has been part of our customs for centuries, compared to Halloween, so the attachment is not the same, and we remain strongly attached to our traditions.

But why can’t these two traditions coexist ? 

The duality of this period allows us to celebrate both life and death. Therefore, they are not in competition, as one might think, but rather complement each other.  Celebrating both of them brings great emotion to this period, as well as a bit of fun, which is not necessarily unwelcome.

And you, what do you think about Halloween? Do you prefer treats or tricks ? 

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Some flyers for Halloween parties in Martinique.
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