[VAKANS O PÉYI] Top Martinique Gifts to Give to Your Loved Ones

8 June 2023
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Our island, with its beauty and uniqueness, is capable of offering the best. If any of your loved ones are returning to Martinique for vacation, you will be able to provide them with the best gift possible. Here are the top recommendations according to Airlocal for sharing the most beautiful memories with your loved ones who live far from the island.

1. Martinican Rum

If there’s one essential skill in Martinique, it’s rum production. Invite your loved ones to visit a traditional plantation or distillery . More than just a rum production site, a distillery offers a unique experience through the island’s history. During a guided tour, you can explore historical buildings, gardens, sugarcane fields, and also taste agricultural rum. This excellently crafted beverage is the foundation of famous punches and liqueurs.

You can find it by visiting the Grand Marché in Fort-de-France or even make it yourself for your guest. It will undoubtedly be a nostalgic experience.

Remember that alcohol abuse is harmful to your health, so consume it in moderation.

2. Spices and Condiments

Visiting the markets is a special opportunity to discover or rediscover the flavors of Martinique . It’s also a great chance to awaken your senses with the colors and scents of fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants, and spices from Martinique. Take your loved ones with you, and they can choose their favorite spices, condiments, and fruits to enhance their dishes and preparations.

3. Basketry

How about giving your loved ones some basketry? This traditional weaving technique allows for the creation of beautiful accessories such as jewelry, decorations, tableware, or storage items. To find your basketry gem, we recommend a visit to the town of Sainte-Marie to discover or rediscover the basketry of Morne Des Esses .

4. Martinican Literature

How can you truly immerse yourself in the Martinican universe? There’s nothing better than a book!

Embrace literature to explore Martinican thoughts and imagination. These stories could extend the journey and serve as a means for the most nostalgic to stay connected to their roots. Head to Présence Kréol bookstore in Fort-de-France to discover Martinican and Caribbean authors.

More than just a bookstore, Présence Kréol offers artisanal products as souvenirs or gifts for both young and old, representing the spirit of Martinique.

cadeau martinique

5. Introduction to the Round Yole

When you think of Martinique, you think of yole! Since 2020, this unique traditional boat, found nowhere else, has been inscribed as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. It is the ultimate symbol of Martinique’s uniqueness.

To fully enjoy it, let’s start with an initiation! This team sport will allow you to have a great time with your loved ones. Embark with the Alizés Yole crew and the great skipper Georges-Henri Lagier from the municipality of Le Marin . You will surely consider engaging in this unparalleled sport.

Thanks to our non-exhaustive list, you have some ideas for the perfect Martinique gift to give !

Tap into the local know-how to find products that cater to all tastes and everyday needs. Additionally, draw from our heritage and customs to offer an unforgettable experience to your loved ones.

Nevertheless, venture out, explore your island, and visit our artisans to make the most of our beautiful island. Without a doubt, those who return to their homeland will rediscover the objects of their nostalgia during these holidays, but they will also be able to create new memories.

So, what do you want to offer to inspire a desire to return to our homeland ?