[SPECIAL VALENTINE’S DAY] How to make the most of the day and leave a lasting impression?

27 April 2023
Crédit photo : Valorisation Martinique
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Even though Valentine’s Day is every day (isn’t it?), a date had to be chosen to really make a statement and celebrate lovers all over the world.

That day is February 14th, where couples take a moment to enjoy the present, show their love, and celebrate their relationships. But Valentine’s Day also comes with its fair share of searching: what to do? What to wear? What to give as a gift?

Airlocal a has been commissioned by Cupid to help you organize a proper Valentine’s Day in Martinique.

For a delicious Valentine’s Day : chocolates !

Flowers and chocolates, chocolates and flowers… One doesn’t go without the other at this time of year and they are the gifts that are most commonly given. Simply choose your significant other’s favorite flowers and you’re done !

But when it comes to chocolates, it’s a different story. There are a multitude of local chocolatiers péyi  who will create sweet delights for you. For those with a sweet tooth, two local brands stand out: Les Frères Lauzéa  and Les chocolats de Balata ! Each has its own flavor and uniqueness, but we assure you that they are both excellent.

Crédit Photos : Frères Lauzéa

Musical ambiance for your romantic evening

If you prefer to go dancing with your loved one, head to the  Cupid Operation at Sax, with DJs Djs Fitch and JamJam to ignite your hearts or make your most beautiful love story come true.  It’s quite a program ! 

For a sweet dinner show , meet Victor O at Love Day at Sunset.


Some ideas for an intimate Valentine’s Day

For this special occasion, you need a place that’s at the pinnacle of romance: a night in a hotel, a rental house, an evening out, or, for a more unique experience, a night camping.

 Un cadre atypique pour se surprendre

At Vauclin, you can spend the night under the moonlight, with an incredible view of a clear sky full of stars at the Domaine des bulles. It’s both terribly unusual, as you’re under a transparent dome, and terribly exciting, as you’re right in the middle of nature. 
 Don’t forget to decorate the place to your liking: rose petals, scented candles around a nice hot and bubbly bath… It’s the epitome of romance, as they say !

Are you looking for an “Instagrammable” spot? The viewpoint of Anse Marigot in Carbet is the ideal place to declare your love or propose marriage.

For those who love relaxation, why not try a small candlelit yoga class with Margaux Venus Yoga : it’s a way to combine love and sport in a relaxing and intimate setting.

Or perhaps a very, very sexy evening with products from the Idyll.fr brand, which offers lingerie, lovetoys, massage oils, and many other fun surprises. A sensual atmosphere is guaranteed !

 Otherwise, you have the iconic and timeless candlelit Valentine’s Day dinner For the quickest among you, reservations have already been made, but for those of you who are procrastinating and reading this, a small dinner made with love is always a thoughtful gesture that will be appreciated.

For the laziest among you, and if you’re lucky, there may still be room for a chef to come to your home and prepare a gourmet dinner. We’re crossing our fingers for you !

Le Domaine des Bulles : bulle MINÉRALE

Netflix and Chill: Outdated ?

If you find Valentine’s Day too commercial like Christmas and Easter, or if you’re a simple couple with simple pleasures, “Netflix and chill” will save you. We tend to think it’s been done before, but maybe that’s the essence of this holiday: being with the person you love without any stress. Accompany your Netflix night with pizza, sushi, or a small dinner prepared together.

There you have it, you have everything you need for a lovely evening.
If you have a small budget for Valentine’s Day, discover our Special Valentine’s Day deals in Martinique..

And what about solo Valentines and Valentines ?

Not everyone has a Valentine or a Valentine’s Day date, it’s true, but there’s no need to stress about it. Remember that we are our own first Valentines. Self-love is a beautiful thing, so why not take a moment to relax ? 

Do what you love: make an appointment at a barber shop for a wellness massage or a manicure (the one at Blossom is fantastic! ), go to a restaurant, a solo movie session, or a day of shopping… You will know better than anyone what the best gift is for you.

To get in the mood, check out Retrouvez Natoxie and Dj Will’One for the “Sans Valentin” event at RedCorner in Fort-de-France, dresscode classy with a classy-chic dress code, please. We love it!

If you’re looking for love with a capital L, Airlocal recommends the Speed Dating Love Party at Cotton Bay 😉

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The Airlocal team wishes a happy Valentine’s Day to all the Valentines who are reading this, and long live love ! 

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