[NWEL O PÉYI] What to offer for Christmas without (too much) hassle ?

7 December 2022
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“Joseph, my dear faithful, let’s look for a place to stay, time is running out and I feel the need to give birth…”   Yépa, I’m leaving! The end-of-year festivities are approaching, and I can already smell the hot pig stew, ham, and pies.

But if you’re like me, you hate the crowds in shopping malls or supermarkets during the holidays. So how can we please our loved ones or treat ourselves without too much hassle ?That is the question ? Furthermore, I also love giving gifts that reflect our Afro-Caribbean culture and history. Gifts that also support passionate entrepreneurs from our community.

Here are 10 Christmas gift ideas to offer without (too much) hassle !

1. The NwelBox from Siwa Box

Siwa’Box was created by Stéfany. It is an Afro-Caribbean box for women, created by a woman, around her passion for Caribbean culture and her identity.

The name Siwa is inspired by Stéfany’s grandmother who often said “ An kay fè an siwawa”. Siwa Box offers boxes composed of 4 to 8 high-quality products based on distinct themes: fine grocery items, fashion accessories, cosmetics, and decorative objects.

The NwelBox is not yet available, so stay connected and sign up for the newsletter. 📧


2. The gourmet gift sets and baskets from Domi Boutik

You can find assortments of gourmet and natural products, a range of organic and well-being gift sets and baskets, as well as a selection of Martinique rums and liqueurs at Domi Boutik.

I recommend the traditional local gift basket containing cassava cakes, Christmas ham terrine, hibiscus and cinnamon jelly, Antillean powdered chocolate, and many other flavors that will make your taste buds tingle! 😍😋

panier garni noel martinique domi boutik

3. The discovery set from Parfums des Îles

This set contains 24 essential references from the Parfums des Îles brand. The fragrances are made with alcohol distilled from sugarcane.

Parfums des îles integrates all the steps of the creative process in its ranges of fragrances and soaps.


4. The Yékrik Christmas box

Create your Yékrik Christmas box ! You will make the children happy by choosing 3 boxes from the Yékrik boxes of the year to compose your Christmas box !

My favorite boxes :

  • Ti Jaden Kreyol 🌱
  • Kannaval o péyi 🎭
  • Lèspri Nwel 🎁

The Yékrik box allows children to appropriate their history in a fun way at a very affordable price. It is possible to subscribe to an annual subscription !


5. The Confetti Box by Elena

I had the opportunity to buy confetti boxes as gifts for my daughter and her friends. I found this concept of box created by a 14-year-old girl brilliant 👌🏾

Elena creates boxes with specific themes such as hair, or a cartoon character. This “kidpreneur” (this term refers to child entrepreneurs) manages everything from A to Z, from communication to invoicing. Her products are original and in line with the times. We love it! 🤩

produits confetti box
Jindexe logo
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6. The games of Sabine Andrivon-Milton

Manmay, Sabine Andrivon-Milton’s new game has just come out of the oven !

Visit SAM Editions’ online store to get your hands on it, I’ll buy it for sure: “ Mime, draw and make people guess Martinique and its personalities ”. It’s a fun way to spend time with family or friends while learning about our island !

Special mention for the Martini Quiz which I also really like ! It is available again in all retail outlets.


7. The gift selection of the Boîte à Plumes

The lively and passionate Lindsay Catalan from La Boîte à Plumes offers you her selection of gift ideas , such as the first creative kit for budding writers and the 100% Creole legends game ‘Fon lèspri koko’.

Hot tip: ‘Le Jardin Suspendu’ Ubuntu regularly organizes special evenings with Afro, Creole, and Caribbean games. Book on the Carré Tropical website.

Discover our article on La Boîte à Plumes bookstore.


8. The HOLYMANEBOX hair care box

HollymaneBoxe offers its special Christmas box, Atanga Origine for the happiness of curly and kinky hair. Atanga is a cosmetics brand dedicated to the care of frizzy and curly Afro-Caribbean skin and hair.
Designed, formulated, and made in Martinique, Atanga products are passed down from generation to generation, inspired by Beauty recipes of yesteryear, using natural active ingredients with unsuspected virtues for hair.


9. The crochet dolls of KFeeDolls

The creator of KFeeDolls lovingly creates crochet dolls using Amigurumi. The story of the doll is linked to the creator’s own story, who wanted dolls that resembled her. Each of the dolls is unique, made with quality cotton yarn and real wool hair.

The creator considers them as daughters rather than dolls, and it’s more of an adoption than a purchase, which I found endearing. 🥰


10. Cynthia Yerro’s reverse Advent calendar

I will end on a note of solidarity. At Christmas, we usually think of our loved ones, but it is also a festival of sharing around solidarity towards the most disadvantaged. You can participate alone, as a couple, as a family or why not, with friends/colleagues.

It’s time to come together around a B.A.

This year, with the reverse advent calendar, you can please homeless people, families with children, isolated elderly people, and students. Information and registration by SMS at 0690714225. Also, visit the Instagram account @cdai972


Between gourmet, well-being, educational and solidarity gifts, I hope to have given you some gift ideas that will seduce you. My wish is for you to have a beautiful Christmas !