It was at the Le Rond Point Shopping Center located in Fort-de-France, where temporary exhibitions were being held, that I was literally captivated by the works of a talented young Martinican artist. Enchanting, magical, Afro-Caribbean, imbued with a certain mysticism, that’s what Dylan Harrison’s art inspires me, and I wanted to portray his profile.

What immediately struck me about him was his calmness and maturity, a surprising inner strength for his young age. Let’s delve into his world and discover more about his art…

Good morning Dylan, could you tell us a few words about yourself ?

In a few words, I would say that I am passionate, dreamy, positive, a challenger, mysterious, and emotional.

I am 22 years old, and I am a Master’s degree student in Arts at the Caribbean Arts Campus, after studying STD2A (Science and Technology of Design and Applied Arts) at the Victor Anicet High School in Saint-Pierre.

“Dylan Harisson” sounds very American. Is that your real name ?

Dylan Harisson is my artist name.

Dylan is my middle name, and Harrisson comes from a joint project I had with a former partner. Harisson Harisson was supposed to be the name of the brand. Hence, Dylan Harisson. ( (Dylan Harisson’s real name is actually Andy Mongis).

Why do you paint? What attracts you to this art form ?

Actually, I am versatile: sculpture, photography, video, installation (an art installation is a three-dimensional work of art created for a specific location and designed to modify the perception of space).

But it is true that painting is my preferred art form. What I like about painting is the emotion created in relation to a color. Moreover, we create a form of life in painting: to convey an emotion through painting is magnificent.

How would you describe your art ? 

Hmmm… Charged with body and emotion, I think. Sensible and recognizable, I hope…

What are your inspirations ?

My inspirations do not come at all from Martinique but essentially from Michel-Ange*.

I really like the way he manages forms, he works a lot on beauty and the body. The body is, in my opinion, the place of emotions.

*A genius of the Italian Renaissance, Michel-Ange (1475 – 1564) was first and foremost a virtuoso sculptor of marble, but he also distinguished himself as a painter of the Vatican, notably in the Sistine Chapel.
plafond chapelle sixtine

What are your favorite Caribbean or Martinican painters ?

I would say Christophe Mert* because I find his non-Western way of thinking exceptional. The messages he conveys are excellent. And David Gumbs* because he is a genius, plain and simple. He constantly reinvents himself in such an impressive way. He teaches me so much, it’s incredible !

* Christophe Mert is a Martinican artist born in Rivière-Pilote who questions his culture and identity through his paintings, thus affirming his plural identity.
* David Gumbs is an interdisciplinary Guadeloupean artist born in Pointe-à-Pitre, awarded in Saint-Martin and based in Martinique. His discovery of the lush Martinican and Cuban flora triggered a passion for the myths of forest gods in island cultures.

What is your creative process ?

Sometimes I get an idea just like that.

I also have a bank of images of portraits of black women because I find them underrepresented in our society. I decided to paint all kinds of women, round, thin, and I try to see how I could represent them. Or I meet someone who inspires me and I create a painting from my memories.

Dylan H in 10 years? Your prospects: in Martinique or elsewhere ?

I want to obtain my doctorate and teach art. I wish to transmit for the human aspect.
Otherwise, I would like above all to be known in my home, in Martinique and in the Caribbean, before being known elsewhere.

Your motto and your final word ?

Do not do to others what you would not want done to you.

For the final word: I would say that we should not forget that the artist’s point of view is exceptional and that the point of view of others does not count !

Thank you Dylan for giving us some of your time !

If you wish to support Dylan Harisson’s, art, why not subscribe to his social media or get your hands on his magnificent works?

I was easily tempted by one of his enchanting paintings titled “Black Mascara”, and I can tell you that I am a fan of this young artist who already has everything of a great one.

exposition dylan harisson

To be continued…

To contact Dylan Harisson : + 596 696 16 22 84