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16 August 2022
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I’m a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World; Life in plastic, it’s fantastic ! Who remembers the lyrics of the famous song by the group Aqua that came out in the 90s? The catchy melody still lingers in my head. Acidic colors where pink predominates, white Barbie dolls, blonde with blue eyes, that’s the image I have of Barbie dolls. But thankfully, times have changed. I myself am a doll enthusiast, especially those that resemble us, and as a mother, I have always tried to buy black dolls for my daughter.

It was during a conversation with a friend that I discovered the magnificent work of Prescillia MARGUERITE, a Martinican mother of two who customizes Barbie dolls to our image by creating very realistic and beautiful settings. Without hesitation, I contacted her to ask her how it works. I quickly understood that it was more than just a simple customization of Barbie dolls, it was a true passion.

Minuit Blue by Prescillia MARGUERITE

Minuit Blue or the passion for dolls

But who is Minuit Blue? It is simply the alter ego Barbie of Prescillia MARGUERITE, a so-called hybrid Barbie (composed of heads and bodies from different categories or brands), an architect or interior designer in the world of dolls. The passion for Barbie dolls, also called Dolls, began for her when she wanted to give her daughter a black-skinned Barbie doll for her 4th birthday and realized that there were not many options. The story began in 2015 when she came across the “ My Froggy Stuff” page, which was a real revelation for her. She became a collector and recycled everything she could find (cardboard, brochures, fabrics, packaging, etc.) to create the settings for her Dolls, called “dioramas” (miniature settings). They are real universes crafted meticulously down to the smallest details. One can find a pharmacy, a CBD store, a hair salon, friends’ get-togethers over a drink, and of course a Barbie doll store. I then realized that far from simply customizing Barbie dolls, it is the creation of real universes. I also discovered the specific vocabulary of the Doll Community :

  • “rerooting” or re-rooting of hair to give a different hairstyle;
  • “face repainting” where the doll’s makeup is reworked;
  • “makeover” where the doll is completely redone to make a unique or hybrid Barbie.
L'univers de Prescillia MARGUERITE 1/3
L'univers de Prescillia MARGUERITE 2/3

From Muriel to Barbie Amara.

Fascinated by the world of the Doll Community, and excited by the idea of having my own doll, I decided to ask Prescillia to customize a Barbie in my likeness using one of my favorite photographs; in short, my “mini-me”. The most difficult part was finding the Barbie, and I was fortunate enough to get one at the Les Petits Papillons Concept Store in Saint-Joseph. They can also be purchased on Amazon or PicWicToys. Once the customization was complete (outfit, jewelry, and hairstyle), “A new Doll is born” ⭐🤩. Amara, my mini-me, arrived and was celebrated in little stories staged as photos or videos on social media.

“Welcome to Villa Verde… but you can also call it Villa Amara. Since we know you’re just passing through, but you’ll have your own community. What better way to welcome your future friends and loves and start this new adventure than with a new place of your own?”.

I’m truly enamored with my Doll Amara and her Villa Verde, and I would say that a beautiful adventure has just begun… Thanks to Prescillia for this magnificent discovery that deserves to be highlighted.

  • Amara et Muriel by Prescillia MARGUERITE 1/4
  • Amara et Muriel by Prescillia MARGUERITE 2/4
  • Amara et Muriel by Prescillia MARGUERITE 3/4
  • Amara et Muriel by Prescillia MARGUERITE 4/4

What pleased me

  • Translation: The customization of Barbie dolls that resemble us with their own universes. I think it’s just as important for our children to be able to identify with dolls that are close to our roots.
  • The little stories and scenarios that develop imagination.
  • Upcycling (transforming objects to recover raw materials) and recycling.
  • Prescillia’s passion and attention to detail.
  • Highlighting our beautiful island through outdoor photoshoots.

Here are some Instagram accounts to visit:

Don’t hesitate to contact Prescy for more information.

By mail: prescy.blueword@gmail.com
On Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/minuit_blue/

Finally, the prices vary depending on the degree of customization. It is preferable to obtain your Barbie doll beforehand.

And you, are you seduced by the Doll Community ? For me, it was a wonderful discovery! 🤩😍