14 November 2022
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Why do we like this movie so much ?

If there was one movie I was eagerly waiting for, it was the sequel to Black Panther, directed by Ryan Coogler, especially after the death of Chadwick Boseman. The lead actor suddenly passed away at the age of 43. The shooting of the second installment took place during the COVID period in difficult conditions.

How to make a Black Panther without Black Panther ? That is the question.

When I arrived for the 1:15 pm screening, Madiana was already announcing full sessions, a sign of a meteoric success. How to explain the reasons ?

What is certain is that Black Panther is a militant film that marks a turning point in the representation of Blacks on the screen: so many Blacks in a Marvel movie? Unprecedented until now !

Moreover, I think it is essential for the younger generation to see positive heroes on screen who look like them. 


Between tradition and technology

The antagonism between cultural heritage and modernity is very present in the movie, an opposition that I also find in our Martinican culture.

Okoye prefers her traditional spear over modern weapons, while Shuri abandons the cult of spirits for new technologies. M’Baku even mentions that it is only a child who abandons traditions, but she realizes the importance of them and the strength of transmission at the end of the film.

The morality, in my opinion, is that we must preserve our cultural heritage no matter what.

⛔️ Spoiler alert ⛔️

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, stop here !


Strong female characters

Who run the world ? Girls !

Women are now taking power with strong female figures. The title “ No woman, no cry “ already announced the sign of a certain feminization:

  • Queen Ramonda has now taken power after the death of her son,
  • Shuri becomes Black Panther by force of circumstance,
  • Nakia is still a cunning spy who can be counted on,

and above all, it is a 19-year-old African-American student, Riri Williams, who helps the Wakandans defend themselves against the kingdom of Takulan.

Let’s not forget Okoye and the Dora Milaje, a troop of elite female warriors charged with protecting the king.


What I loved 😍

  • The emotional tribute to Chadwick Boseman
  • The stunning costumes of Queen Ramonda, played by the fabulous Angela Bassett
  • The magnificent sets
  • The presence of Haitian Creole which reminds me of our dear Martinique
  • The reference to Toussaint Louverture (former slave turned governor who proclaimed the independence of Haitian territory, which is to say that it is a very strong symbol!)
  • The presence of strong female (figures (Black Panther Wakanda Forever is more than ever a film about women!)
  • The reference to the Fenty brand (a big nod to Riri of course)
  • The complicity/sisterhood between Shuri and Riri
  • The soundtrack (Rihanna, Tems and Burna Boy)

What I liked less 🙁

(I might upset some readers lol)

  • The conflict between two peaceful peoples who have similarities and could have been united against Western opportunism (it is noted at the end that the alliance between the two peoples is fragile).
  • A plot that is somewhat simplistic with a predictable storyline, action scenes that are reminiscent of Aquaman and IronMan.
  • Shuri is unconvincing to me in the role of Black Panther and I would even say that’s a good thing. This role remains exclusively dedicated to the late and unforgettable Chadwick Boseman 🙏🏾
  • Blue characters that made me feel like I was watching Avatar.
  • A movie that doesn’t live up to the first one, perhaps because I expected a lot more! We’ll say that the Marvel Cinematic Universe did its best !

Even though my opinion remains somewhat mixed, Black Panther is a must-see film that has marked both the history of cinema and the Black people in general, which is why we love it so much.

📌 A little advice: don’t hesitate to book your seat on the Madiana Madiana, website, as showings often sell out.

And what did you like about Black Panther ?